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Buckle Up!

Summary of the Pennsylvania Child Passenger Protection Act
(Act 53, 1983/Act 22, 1993)

1. All drivers transporting children from birth to age 4 are responsible to restrain those children in an approved child passenger restraint system.

2. Infants from birth to age 4 must be in approved child safety seat.  The seat may be in any seating position equipped with a seat belt in the vehicle.   Beginning Feb. 21,2003 children from four through seven years of age must be in a booster seat and children eight through 17 must be in a seat belt regardless of where they sit in a vehicle.   (However, for maximum protection, the back seat is prefferable.)

3. Violators may be fined $25.00, plus Court Costs; $30.00 Cat Fund; $10.00 EMS Fund and
$1.50 Administrative Costs.  The fine may be waived by showing proof of purchase and possession of a child safety seat at the time of the court appearance.

4. Violators may be stopped as a primary offense for non-compliance of the Child Passenger Protection Act.

5. Fines collected will be placed in a fund used to purchase child safety seats for car loaner programs.

6. Civil immunity for lenders of car seats has been granted.  No person or organization who lends car seat shall be liable for any civil damages resulting from any acts or omission, except any act or omission intentionally designed to harm or any grossly negligent act or omission resulting in harm to another.

7. Hospitals are required to notify parents of the Pennsylvania Child Seat Law and also the location of car seat loaner programs in the community.


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