Leash Laws
Ordinance, Chapter 71"Animals"


    The Camp Hill Borough Police Department has recently received several requests for information on "Leash Laws" in the Borough of Camp Hill. 

    Ordinance, Chapter 71 "Animals" Section 12 "Nuisances" Reads as follows;   

~ 71-12. Nuisances.

A. When not confined to the owner's premises, all animals must be under physical control of their owner or custodian and constrained at all times.

B. No person owning, harboring, keeping or in charge of any animal shall cause, suffer or allow such animal to soil, defile, defecate on or commit any nuisance on any sidewalk, play area, park or any place where people congregate or walk or on any public property whatsoever or on any private property without the permission of the owner of said property. The restriction in this section shall not apply to that portion of the street lying between the curb lines in any common thoroughfare, passageway or bypath, which shall be used to curb such animal under the following conditions:

(1) The person who so curbs such animal shall immediately remove all feces deposited by such animal by any sanitary and reasonable manner.

(2) The feces removed from the aforementioned designated area shall be disposed of in a sanitary manner by the person owning, harboring, keeping or in charge of any animal curbed in accordance with the provisions hereof.

    Violations of this section can result in fines!


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