Camp Hill Police

Bike Patrol

The primary goal of the Bicycle Patrol is to promote an additional effort in the Department's Community Policing Program.  The Bicycle Patrol Officer establishes a highly visible method of patrol, creating the opportunity for closer contact with our residents and those persons visiting or traveling through our community.

In 1998 the Camp Hill Police Department added Bicycles to our patrol operations.  Upon completion of the International Police Mountain Bike Association Course, Patrol Officer John Kidman and Safety Officer Douglas Hockenberry were certified and became Camp Hill's first Bicycle Patrol Officers.  In 1999, Safety Officer Lane Pryor was also certified through the International Police Mountain Bike Association and became our third Bicycle patrol Officer.

bikes-lane.jpg (11461 bytes)
Safety Officer Lane Pryor

Camp Hill Police Officers assigned to Bicycle Patrol Operations are provided with Raleigh F-500 Police Mountain Bicycles equipped with a special shock absorber suspension system, all terrain tires, storage bags, water bottles, lighting systems and audible warning devices.

Additionally, our Bicycle Patrol Officers are provided with Bicycle Helmets, Protective Glasses, Special Bicycle Uniforms, Gloves, Biking Shoe and Nylon Duty Equipment Gear and Belt.

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Camp Hill's three patrol bikes

bike-lights-320.jpg (17679 bytes) bike-pack-320.jpg (17632 bytes) bike-shock-320.jpg (17358 bytes)

Ultra bright safety lights

Personal storage pack

Heavy duty front shocks

Prior to assignment, Camp Hill Bicycle Patrol Officers must successfully complete a forty (40) hours training course and obtain certification through the International Police Mountain Bike Association.

Weather conditions permitting, Bicycle Patrol Officers are deployed on shifts during day and evening hours.  In addition to answering calls for service and routine patrol operations, Bicycle Patrol Officers are available for special events such as Parades, Bicycle safety Programs and other Community Events.


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