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Security Checklist


Your car:

___ Lock ignition and doors when your car is unattended

___ Park in well-lighted areas

___ Avoid driving and parking in isolated places

___ Put valuables in trunk out of sight


On vacation:

___ Stop newspaper and mail deliveries

___ Use timers on lights to make dwelling appear occupied

___ Carry travelers checks

___ Lock luggage and valuables in the car trunk

___ In hotels, do not admit unannounced persons and lock balcony doors


Out and about:

___ Avoid dark and isolated areas if possible

___ Keep valuables in purse and wallet to a minimum


Your home and neighborhood:

___ Join or form a neighborhood watch program

___ Report suspicious activities

___ Form mutual agreements to look after your neighbors

___ Lock exterior doors and windows when away

___ Put deadbolt locks on exterior doors

___ Put a peep-hole on front door

___ Install exterior lighting

___ Keep shrubbery trimmed to reduce opportunity for concealment

___ Request a security survey by local police

___ Keep high value items in safe deposit box at the bank

___ Reduce cash kept at home to a minimum



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